The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body and the mind.

Yoga is a sophisticated system that extends far beyond doing yoga postures; it is literally a way of living.

Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga Therapy

I started my yoga practice about ten years ago, drawn to it’s physical challenges. I ended up entering a rich world of substance, rigor and deep personal awareness. In a conversation with my teacher at the time, I learned that there are,  “eight limbs” of yoga, and only one of them is physical or the “asanas.” Intrigued, the story kept unfolding for me and I quickly saw the parallels and likenesses to what I was teaching in my psychotherapy practice. Eager to share and help people to deepen their understanding of themselves, I looked to the Yoga Therapy model.

Psychotherapy is a wonderful method and it’s intensley mental. It can sometimes leave a person talking about, or rehurseing, the hurts they come in to transform. As they are talked about, powerful negative thought patterns can actually repeat and deepen the problems, rather than solve them. Thus, “turning the light on in the mind but leaving the body in the dark.” Yoga for Emotional Balance, Bo Forbes, PhD.


Yoga therapy, is a experiential practice involving the mind and the body. Therefore the changes that result are not just thought about, they are embodied and integrated into the nervous system having a lasting effect. The “medicine” of meditation and movement calms the central nervous system, and opens new pathways, answers and perspectives.


Neuroscience and research inform us that mindfulness, meditation and yoga, which, P.S., is a moving meditation, help to minimize stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and trauma among other things. It makes too much sense to ignore.

Do you don’t have to be a skinny, white girl to do yoga! No


In case you’re wondering if you have to be a certain age, fitness, or ethnicity to do yoga, you must certainly do not!  I am a 57 year old, post menapausal, mom of four. I can’t move like I used to, my skin is not as young as it used to be and I too get wrapped up in my head about the woulda, couldas, shouldas. What I do know is yoga is a powerful medicine that I intend to practice for the rest of my days. I’ve been a psychotherapist for 30 years, and I’ve never quite known a medicine quite so effective as movement.

Do I only do yoga therapy? No


My practice is a blend of traditional talk therapy, EMDR therapy, mindfulness and yoga therapy. Think of it like items on a shelf. We customize your therapy together, to fit you, where you are.

I also teach public yoga classes at Revolution Yoga, in Santa Rosa. I teach a noon time “boost” class, teen classes and couples yoga. The owner, Shoshana Hebshi, and teachers are from all walks of yoga, all ages, and ethnicities. We are a deeply committed community with a sincere love for yoga as a vehicle that can bring our whole community greater connection and resiliency.


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During COVID, we are mostly teaching on line with the exception of a few out door classes.


Under certain conditions, I am able to continue in person yoga therapy in my office. I have plenty of space to be six + feet apart, windows that open and air purifyers that offer adequate ventilation. We can also wear masks for extra protection. I also offer regular and yoga therapy sessions virtually via Zoom.


Staying safe and comfortable is very important to me.