Couples Therapy
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Couples are taught how to deeply, non defensively listen to their partner. Couples are taught the skills of negotiating through conflict and what it means to “see” their partner through an objective lens.

Couples Therapy

Mark and Dana bring a specific viewpoint and approach to working with couples. Combining ideas and techniques from the masters and melding them into a homegrown, understandable and repeatable formula has made their approach both useable and successful. They believe that the skills of maintaining a functional, fulfilling relationship were never taught. Some people have had the good fortune of having parents who modeled good relationship skills. For all others, the “hows” of building a relationship are learned from movies, popular culture, folklore, songs and personal trial and much error. The goal of relationship therapy, therefore, is to teach couples new ways to interact with fresh perspectives and a renewed connection.

Mark and Dana both see couples in their practices and on some occasions will meet with couples together. In addition, they periodically conduct couples workshops.