Falls Recovery Services

Falls Recovery Services offers affordable mental health services to the recovery community of  Sonoma County.

As the original owners and creators of a sober living environment (SLE), Bodhi House,  Mark and Dana have created a new model of outpatient  addiction/recovery treatment. They believe that the best blend of care and treatment for those seeking recovery, mixes structured living, the 12 step program, and psychological treatment and spiritual awareness.

Falls Recovery Services is designed to fill a niche between acute care and established recovery. Falls Recovery Services helps clients in early, mid stage and well established recovery explore issues that may have pre-existed addiction, as well those more present issues that may fueled the addiction process. Falls Recovery Services offer the following:

1. Individual Therapy  2. Couples Therapy  3. Group Therapy  4. Family Therapy


These services designed  to bolster an SLE experience, compliment (not replace) 12 step participation and re-establish recovery following relapse.