A home comprised of recovering
addicts and alcoholics supporting
one another's journey toward
building a new life.

Bodhi House
A Sober Living Environment

The word “Bodhi” in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by the Buddha regarding the true meaning of things. It is usually translated into English as enlightenment or awakening.

Bodhi House History

Ten years ago Mark and Dana Falls opened their first Bodhi House Sober Living Environment. They chose the name, “Bodhi House,” inspired by the story of Gautama Buddha’s moment of enlightenment while sitting under the bodhi tree. Their vision was to create a recovery home where personal growth was central to the experience of the residents. As licensed therapists, Mark and Dana brought a psychological perspective to the 12 step recovery work of the residents living at Bodhi and folded in mindfulness principles, meditation and yoga, to compliment their spiritual program.

In the fall of 2016, Mark and Dana began looking for someone to take over the Bodhi House, so that they could develop Bodhi Recovery Services and provide clinical outpatient services to the Bodhi residents and the recovery community at large. The Falls’ met Kerri, who was interested in starting a sober living home of her own. The match was perfect and in November of 2016 Kerri took over the ownership reigns of Bodhi House, SLE and  joined forces with Mark and Dana to build a continuum of care that blends sober living with mindfulness-based psychological services.